Day in the Life…Working Press for MTV’s Annual International Tentpole, ‘Isle of MTV’ in Malta

Published on on 01.10.13


They’re the longest days but the best days – the days when we don’t have time to eat, use the loo, or sleep, but we run, smartphone in hand, fueled by caffeine and adrenaline, to the finish line that is… SHOWTIME!

This is an account of such a day according to us, the VIMN Communications team, on the Mediterranean island of Malta for the annual spectacle known as the Isle of MTV.  The 2013 event was held on Wednesday, June 26th, and boy, was it a memorable one.

NB: The following may or may not contain elements of PR spin…

Wednesday, June 26th

Wake up. Realize Blackberry has not charged, thanks to faulty hotel power adaptor, cry a little bit. It’s going to be a day of syphoning battery juice on the run. Apply sunscreen.

Pre-breakfast meeting with co-lead to plan for full team breakfast meeting. Coffee #1.

Breakfast meeting with the team. Run through the day’s schedule and team roles and responsibilities. Remember to eat. Coffees #2 and #3.

Meeting with hotel staff to inspect press junket facilities. Set up outdoor marquee to service a press conference and interviews in 38 degree Celsius heat (aka 100+ degrees Fahrenheit) with Isle of MTV 2013 talent: Jessie J, Rita Ora, Rudimental and DJ Afrojack. Accreditation table: check. Step and repeat: check. Drinks and buckets and buckets of ice: check. Glorious view of ancient Maltese harbor: check!

Local and international media arrive. Photographers in place, press briefed, drinks served, cameras ready to roll.

Powerhouse songstress Jessie J wows the world’s press with her down-to-earth style, quirky sense of humor and surprise impromptu accapella performance of a brand new track. Tells press conference how much MTV has influenced her growing up, wins brownie points from Comms team. Is complete gem!

London boys Rudimental arrive, pose for photos and spend the next hour chatting with groups of press. Band requests roast beef sandwiches; Talent and Music team delivers chocolate instead. Find power outlet, charge phone, re-apply sunscreen.

Afrojack arrives moments after landing in his AfroJet, poses for photos and completes round-table interview. Impresses all with notable stature (the dude is 6’9’’!), washboard abs (he was changing his T-shirt, ok?) and one handed push-ups. Legend.

The beautiful, charming Rita Ora arrives, gives exclusive interview to Vanity Fair Italy. Poses for photos with hotel staff and fans. Is total babe.

Press junket wraps. High fives all round. Food!

Quick dip in the Med, regain zen before long night of rocking out on the run. Coffee #4. Find power outlet, charge phone. Costume change.

Hitch lift to show on the back of house photographer’s Vespa. #winning

Showtime! Divide and conquer – one team member hosting press on the VIP platform, one in the photo pit herding photographers in and out, one on the run with the house photographer capturing all of the behind-the-scenes action. Local DJs and artists get the party started. 50,000-strong crowd looks amazing!

Rudimental take to the stage en masse (there are nine of them!), wielding keyboards, synths, drums and lots of brass. Self-proclaimed “on-stage carnival” more than lives up to the hype, instantly wins them approx. 45,000 new fans.

Rita Ora shows up in white leather bodice and suit; reveals abs to rival Afrojack’s. Shows Isle of MTV exactly why she’s one of the most talked about new names in music. Kicks a**!

Jessie J hits the stage with racy new look, new material and new take on her global smash hits. Performance packs a punch – she doesn’t stop moving for entire hour-long set, except to break up a fight in the crowd. Gives the kids exactly what they came for.

Afrojack turns Il-Fosos Square into giant outdoor club. Staff members join in bouncing to the beat with the end of a hugely successful show in sight!

Thursday, June 27th

It’s a wrap. Happy crowd, happy press, happy talent, happy team. Hugs all around.

The night is but young – there’s news to issue and deadlines to hit. Team reconvenes at hotel to bang out press release. Coffee #5 (yeah, that’s right). Find power outlet, charge phone.

Hard drive of show footage delivered by the trusty production team, ready to upload for the morning’s breakfast news programmes.

Comms team show faces at afterparty. Drink one beer, locate some food, party with journalists for total of 48 minutes.

Return to hotel to check on upload of show footage to breakfast news.

4:00                        Hotel wifi proves troublesome. Head to lobby, pinch ethernet cable from hotel reception, upload speed steadily improves.

Approx. 6:45      Fall asleep on couch in hotel lobby using cushion covers as blankets. Get spotted by Vanity Fair Italy writer leaving for early morning flight. #fashionfail

Upload complete. Bed. For 3 hours. Until shuttle to airport.

Check the day’s headlines and smile. “MTV show thrills crowds”, “Isle of MTV rocks Malta for seventh time”, “Isle of MTV a great success”!

Can’t wait for next year! We love Isle of MTV

Isle of MTV 2013 will be broadcast as a 60-minute special across MTV’s international network of channels and platforms beginning 3rd August as part of the MTV World Stage franchise.