What’s Up World? #26

Published on MTV’s international pro-social website MTV Voices on 24.04.13

What’s Up World?
Between the cracks of the world’s news headlines


Blood Strawberries

Could it be time for Mr DiCaprio to make a sequel?

Last week in Nea Manolada, Greece around 30 strawberry farm workers were injured after being shot at for requesting their unpaidwages.

The farm’s supervisor opened fire on a group of around 200 workers, most of whom were migrants from Bangladesh, when they went on strike, claiming that they hadn’t been paid in six months.

It’s not the first time Nea Manolada has drawn international attention for this sort of thing. Activists say migrant workers in the region are being routinely exploited, going unpaid and being forced to work in dire conditions as modern day slaves.

Online campaigns are now calling for an international boycott of Manolada strawberries.

Nice one Farmer Zhao

We may have found the world’s best dad.

Desperate to raise funds to cover medical costs for his son, who is suffering from a bone marrow disease, Chinese farmer Zhao Changyong has started moonlighting as a nude model. Earning the equivalent of £10 per hour is more than Zhao could make working on the land – plus he’s already sold the family farm to pay for his son Wu’s treatment.

The good news is his naked ambition has paid off, with doctors confirming that Wu is expected to make a full recovery.

Yes We Tran

Sanam Faqeer, a transgender former dancer, turned business owner, turned charity founder is running as an independent candidate in Pakistan’s upcoming elections.

Sanam is hoping to represent Pakistan’s third gender group of eunuchs, a marginalised community of castrated men, hermaphrodites, transsexuals, transvestites and homosexuals, who face enormous human rights abuses and chronic violence in the conservative Muslim state.

Sanam’s campaign, along with the six other transgender candidates who have entered in the race, sets an important new benchmark for the community’s rights.

Wine vs Wildlife

As the affects of climate change move on in, we may be approaching a showdown between space for vineyards and the natural habitats of endangered species around the world.

Thanks to global warming, grapes are becoming harder to grow across traditional wine regions. According to a new study up to 70 percent of the world’s vineyards could be out of action by 2050, with new areas becoming optimal for cultivation.

Proposed new wine regions in China, northwest USA, South Africa and Australia have high wine-wildlife conflict areas, pointing either to the destruction of wildlife habitats or an increase in pandas, grizzly bears, antelope and kangaroos hanging out in vineyards.

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