What’s Up World? #12

Published on MTV’s international pro-social website MTV Voices on 12.12.12  http://mtvvoices.com/en/2012/12/whats-up-world-12/

What’s Up World?
From a Tweeting Pope, nose jobs in Afghanistan to driving Dogs, Alicia gives her take on the weekly headlines.


The Pope joins Twitter

The Catholic Pope Benedict XVI is about to go where no Pope has gone before: the Twittersphere.

His handle @Pontifex is at the ready, complete with profile picture, and he has just shy of 1 million followers standing by. As of Wednesday 12 December His Holiness will start tweeting in eight languages in an attempt by the Vatican to connect with a younger global audience.

The Pope is taking questions – you can reach him using #askpontifex. Happy tweeting!

From reconstruction to body beautiful

The women of Afghanistan are exercising their right to feel beautiful.

Plastic surgeons in the region have previously only focused on reconstructive surgery, repairing scars from physical abuse, acid attacks, war and attempted self-immolation (that’s lighting yourself on fire). Now they say they’re being asked for nose jobs, facelifts, liposuction and breast enhancements.

According to one doctor, it’s a good sign that the women of Afghanistan’s growing middle class are becoming more concerned about things like beauty – an issue that’s usually only of concern during times of peace.

The most emotionless country in the world

According to a survey, the people of Singapore are the least emotional in the world.

New research has resulted in a list that ranks 150 countries around the world from least to most emotional. Some stereotypes are supported – the Latin Americans are ahead when it comes to feeling positive, whereas residents of the Eastern Block don’t report to feel emotions as strongly as some.

Positive and negative emotions are a vital measure of a society’s wellbeing, say the researchers. Their findings show that it takes more than just a high income to increase happiness.

Dogs behind the wheel

Ahh those crazy Kiwis. The SCPA, an animal welfare charity in Auckland, New Zealand has been teaching dogs how to drive.

Aiming to raising awareness about the plight of abandoned animals and increase pet adoptions from animal shelters, three dogs have been trained to start a car, change gears and negotiate hairpin turns around a racetrack, culminating in a special event on New Zealand TV on Monday.

It’s true! If you don’t believe me watch the videos.

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