What’s Up World? #10

Published on MTV’s international pro-social website MTV Voices on 30.11.12

What’s Up World?
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Track your wife via SMS

Women living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are considered to me some of the most oppressed and restricted in the world. They’re not allowed to drive, go to school, get a job or travel without the permission of their male guardian (or mahram) – usually their father, husband or brother – and now they’re being monitored and tracked by government technology that alerts their guardian via text message if they leave the country.

The new technology being used by the Saudia Arabian Interior Ministry has sparked debate online, after female activist Manal al-Sharif alerted the wider world via her Twitter feed.

Viva Señor Burro and la Tomato Revolution!


Political activists on opposite sides of the world are finding creative ways to make their voices heard.

Anti-corruption protesters in Sofia, Bulgaria have started a ‘Tomato Revolution’ against the rampant corruption and political hypocrisy that they say is plaguing the Bulgarian government and their society.

Lead by shaggy-haired, barefoot poet Nikolay Kolev, who was first to throw a tomato at the government building in Sofia, the movement is gathering support online and organizing tomato-throwing demonstrations via Facebook.

Meanwhile, over in Guayaquil, Ecuador a group of campaigners have put their donkey, Señor Don Burro’s, in the running for the February 2013 presidential elections.

An act of protest against a political system that local media describe as a circus, where celebrities and sports stars are often elected due to their popularity, Señor Burro has become the people’s candidate, generating a 30 thousand-strong following on Twitter within two weeks.

Promoting ideals such as morals, ethics and responsible citizenship, his main goal is to convey the importance of voting to the young people of Ecuador. Vote #DonBurro!

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