What’s Up World? #2

Published on MTV’s international pro-social website MTV Voices on 18.09.12

What’s Up World?
Between the cracks of the world’s news headlines


There’s not really an app for everything

While the pros and cons of Apple’s new iPhone 5 may have been the talk of just about every town last week, spare a thought for the workers in the Foxconn factory in China, who are currently under the pump, battling to meet their production deadlines (just a casual 57 million phones in one year) under questionable working conditions.

Also worth remembering, as one Gulf News reader in Pakistan pointed out, “Most people [in Pakistan] earn a monthly salary of Dh4,000-Dh5,000 and it is a dream for them to afford such an expensive gadget. The iPhones are meant for a selected, niche segment of people and not everybody can own one.”

Imagine clinging for your life to the wheel of a plane

It sounds like something only Bruce Willis would do. But every year a small number of refugees risk their lives by hiding in the undercarriages of aeroplanes bound for distant countries, so desperate they are to escape from poverty, conflict and other life-threatening circumstances in their homelands.

Last week the body of a suspected ‘wheel well stowaway’ was discovered after falling from the sky 10 miles from London’s Heathrow Airport. Hiding in the aircraft’s landing gear, stowaways risk extreme conditions, including temperatures as low as -63C (-81F) and dangerously low blood oxygen levels, in the hope that they’ll survive the journey to a better life.


Last Monday was World Suicide Prevention Day and people all over the world took time to shine a light on a subject that is often too personal, difficult or taboo to discuss.

Dubbed R U OK Day in Australia, one news programme broadcast a special report on youth suicide, the involvement of social media and ways in which young people can use social networks to discuss their feelings and help and support one another.

Sadly, the number of people who take their own lives around the world every year is staggering – according to the World Heath Organisation it’s more than 1 million.

The world needs people like you!

Millennials are amazing. The strengths of today’s youth generation are gradually being harnessed by non-profit and charity organisations to generate positive change around the world. Ambitious, creative, resilient, confident, informed, engaged, empowered, collaborative and optimistic, the world’s future leaders approach tasks and problems in a completely differently way to traditional NGOs.

So, last week The Huffington Post and IGNITEgood launched The Millennial Impact Challenge – a five week search for young game changers with innovative ideas that could make the world a better place. We think you should all apply!

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